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Samsung galaxy A50

Sumsung galaxy A70

Huawei p30 lite

Oppo f11 pro

Redmi note 7 pro

Realme 3 pro

These are the best midrange smartphones offerrring great value for money.

The huawei p30 lite device for instance is a great phone with outstanding cameras, but it falls short interms of battery although it comes with great features for battery optimisation,   again huawei devices features the best  battery we can ever see on a handset , their batteries last,    like comparing the sumsung galaxy  A50 battery with p30 lite their is only a  negligible difference despite their mAh   (400 vs 3400  respectively.

I have heard from users still that the device(galaxy A50) still has got issues to do with screen time out ,

But its screen is classic having Amoled display at this price range $300  and an indisplay fingerprint sensor ,(galaxyA50)

Again like you are aware about the issue on Huawei ban on US being blacklisted from US and might not be able to use the Google’s software so for update it might not ever see them again,

But huawei promises their device will still have customer support and that the current devices which are already released and others on stores will not be affected by the ban

I really like Huawei’s  technology and their devices great camera’s and their software are always on par with the Apple’s iphone, Their camera is always outstanding and outperforming Apple’s iphone in almost every case,  but  I do admit that Apple’s are not a joke either but to be frank Huawei will ever rule smartphone World come someday.  Their are global giant in information and technology.

Their ban will affect them but as they said that they are developing their own Os then we hoping to get better and get advanced gadgets than previous we sure and we know that they are capable,

  1. Imagine if Donald trump had allowed and accepted to trade with china, sumsung , one plus and apple could be in trouble and huawei could have taken the number one smartphone brand in the world  something Americans are too worried about . I have seen  even some users on Quora  asking  questions like “will huawei ever outsell apple”                                                  That tells you how cruel they are